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Established in 2020, Addwa! Tokyo, headquartered in Ginza, Tokyo Japan, is a Japanese specialty store promoting the time-tested culture and traditions of the hard-working artisans of Japan.
Addwa! Tokyo offers premium quality, original products in partnership with local artisans.
Our mission is to share the stories and passion of these dedicated artisans of Japan across the globe.

Products & Services ■Wow!Case (Antibacterial mask case and file folder)- 3 types ■The Earth(Izumo matchmaking rice & shijimi miso soup)

The ADVENTURE TOURISM KYOTO team is a small group of experienced providers who can handle all aspects of tour creation, management and booking support. And we are based in Kyoto, Japan. We support travelers and travel agencies who wish to visit areas outside of Kyoto City. Through our activities, you will be able to experience the beauty of Japan's countryside through small homestays run by cute old men and women, interaction with locals, traditional culture and local food, and experiences that are not found in guidebooks or major tours! This is a great way to experience the beauty of the Japanese countryside.


<Aizuwakamatsu City>
Serving as the center of the Aizu region, Aizuwakamatsu City is built around the iconic Tsuruga-Jo Castle. Immersed in beautiful nature, the city streets are lined with historic townhouses and warehouses that keep the spirit alive.
<Shimogo Town>
Nestled among the valleys, Shimogo Town is a region of onsens and canyons including Tou-no-Hetsuri (lit. tower overlooking a river). Visitors are greeted by the rare scene of Yukokami Onsen Station with its thatched roof and can visit the town of Ouchi-juku, frozen in time from the Edo period.
<Minamiaizu Town>
Minamiaizu is a Township of scenic beauty surrounded by mountains. Traditional culture such as the Aizu Tajima Gion Festival remains widespread and the deep snow attracts skiers and snowboarders in the winter months.

Products & Services ■Introducing the majestic sights and tourism features of Aizu Wakamatsu, Shimogo and Minami Aizu

We're an online Japanese language school for expats in Tokyo that started providing lessons in 2019. Let's achieve your goals shortest & fastest with a strategic curriculum and lessons based on the second language acquistion research.

Products & Services ■Online Japanese Lessons (Private Lessons)

All Japan Relocations is a relocation service provider, working nationwide with offices in Tokyo and Kobe. We are renowned for our high-quality services with that extra step to help.
From Immigration matters, finding you a perfect home and providing you a smooth safe start in Japan to ongoing support during your assignment.
We are joint operators of ‘Japan Living Guide’, containing a vast amount of essential information for all foreigners living in Japan.

Products & Services ■Relocation Services ■Visa / Immigration Services ■Tenancy Management Services

Everyone adores the value that never changes over the time,while at the same time searching for something new.
We at "Artisan"endeavor to develop new products,merging traditional craftsmanship and new technique.

Products & Services ■Japanese teapot ■Double wall tokkuri 270ml ■Double wall sake cup

Interested in getting to know TOKYO―its past and present? We provide in-depth tours in traditional and modern areas in Tokyo.
● Expert Guides
  Our guides are experts in the areas they are in charge of.
● Select your own guide
  You can choose your own guide based on their profiles.
● In-depth tours
  Unlike bus tours where you spend minimal amount of time at each spot for overall efficiency, we provide in-depth tours: sufficient explanation, rigorous Q&A, and enough time spent at each location.
● International travelers’ perspectives
  Our guides know what questions and interests our guests may have. Hence, they are proactive and sensitive to them.

Products & Services ■Discover the Heart of Tokyo ■Asakusa: 1400-year history exploration ■Get immersed in the world of Sumo

Here at Asahi Shuzo, we craft sake to brighten your life, not to drive sales or for you to get drunk.
We strive to create the highest quality sake for our customers to simply enjoy its taste and flavors, it isn't intended to be a product of mass consumption. Dassai is meant to be a way to a pleasant lifestyle. At same time, we do not want Dassai to be a sake so special, so rare nobody could enjoy it: Dassai should be available for anyone to enjoy.
These days, sake producers and liquor stores tend to focus excessively on quick sales strategies and / or overwhelming marketing campaigns which, in turn, make them lose focus of the customer's authentic need: to enjoy a tasty sake.
It is because we craft a high quality sake that we want to share it with everyone around the world. We strive to keep strong partners to introduce Dassai to every one of you.

Products & Services ■DASSAI

Ishikawa is a place overflowing with nature: surrounded by mountain peaks, peaceful forests, flowing rivers, and oceans breezes. "In cooperation with the local forestry association, we have developed an aroma spray from discarded wood chips sourced from trimmed branches to create the "ATTE" brand."As a new challenge at this time, we focused on the antimicrobial and deodorant properties originally provided by Noto Hiba and developed a deodorant kit for shoes which can also be used as a room deodorant (also usable as an interior). Please enjoy these innovative goods as your new favorite items.

Products & Services ■ATTE chouchou

ANZCCJ is an independent, non-profit organisation dedicated to playing a constructive and meaningful role in developing Australia/New Zealand-Japan business and providing our members with access to effective information, representation and commercial connections.

Products & Services ■N/A

Located near the Tokyo Tower, Azabu Interior is a furniture shop for expatriates, carrying special items like large beds, linens, large dining tables, and many contemporary furniture and interior items.All items can be leased from Tokyo Lease Corporation.

Products & Services ■Furniture and Interior

Beppu City, Oita, where you can enjoy Onsen the most.
Because it has the greatest amount of water from Onsen in Japan,
you can enjoy the variety of Onsen at the same time.

Products & Services ■Introduction of Beppu City

General reuse business operation for items including books and periodicals, packaged media, and clothing.
Including franchised locations, BOOKOFF operates more than 800 locations throughout Japan. Chainwide, we process more than 100 million transactions annually, offering a very competitive customer attraction model.
We continue to roll out new BOOKOFF PLUS* and BOOKOFF SUPER BAZAAR** locations across Japan. We believe these new store formats will be the core drivers of our business growth in the future.
*BOOKOFF PLUS: Comprehensive medium-format stores handling traditional BOOKOFF items plus apparel.
**BOOKOFF SUPER BAZAAR: Comprehensive large-format stores handling traditional BOOKOFF items plus apparel, sporting goods, baby goods, jewelry, household items and more.

Products & Services ■Sell ​​branded products at events and Service introduction

Business World Corporation is an established publishing company in Tokyo that has been producing international-standard periodicals, magazines, books and websites since 1971. BWC publications have been adopted as the official English-language medium during visits to Japan by world leaders. We publish the English restaurant magazine “WINING & DINING in TOKYO + KANSAI” and run an English restaurant search website “JapanRestaurant.net”. We run an English and Japanese web magazine called “JAPAN SELECT”. BWC also provides digital magazines and providing various information on FaceBook page, Instagram and Twitter. Our business includes video production, translation, design and event organize.


Cardemy is a French start-up developing an innovative app for expats to improve their language skills, allowing them to be more confident and express their full potential at work.
The positioning of Cardemy is to partner with language schools providing them with its leading-edge e-learning technology using the unlimited media existing on the internet and that learners love. Schools can increase their client’s satisfaction and cut their costs providing a more personalized and seamlessly blended (self-learning + class) video-based e-learning experience.

Products & Services ■Individual e-learning access ■School E-learning access ■Corporate E-learning access

Arts Promotion and Development, Regional Revitalizing, Cultural Exchange, Human resources training etc

Products & Services ■Samurai Experience "Let's be a Samurai !"

Award Winning Language School for Expats in Tokyo
Free course consultation and level assessment with a professional course coordinator
Learn Japanese in Tokyo, Yokohama, or Online.
Small class sizes (maximum 8 persons) and a focus on speaking practice.
Intensive, Part-time, and Private Japanese lessons available.

Products & Services ■Japanese level check and consultation

The Daito Group is Japan's leading real estate broker for 11 years running,*1 and we engage in real estate trading and franchising outside of our core brokerage business under the e-heya net brand.
We opened our International Office in June 2021—our first location exclusively for international residents. With full-time personnel speaking six languages (EN/ZH/KO/PT/ES/VN) , we have properties in Tokyo and other areas for which international residents can sign contracts with peace of mind .
*1 Weekly National Rental Housing Newspaper (Shukan Zenkoku Chintai Jutaku Shimbun; vol. 1443, Jan 4, 2021)

Products & Services ■Support for six languages in our nationwide offices ■We can find you properties that do not require co-signers ■Rental service for furniture and electronics

【Disaster Management Bureau, Cabinet Office】Disaster Management Bureau, Cabinet Office is mandated to undertake the planning of basic disaster management policies and response to large-scale disasters, as well as conduct overall coordination.
【Japan Tourism Agency】The Japan Tourism Agency was inaugurated on October 1, 2008. The Japanese government is currently working to enhance tourism-related measures, towards the ultimate goal of creating a tourism nation. The JTA was newly established as an organization to serve as the hub for these efforts, and drive their deployment.

Products & Services ■Leaflets and posters related disaster management in Multilanguages. ■Leaflet of disaster information provision application "Safety tips"

DMC Japan by Knt is in business since 1947 being the leading whole sale travel agent in Japan. We cover all destinations in Japan and provide service for FIT, Group, Incentive, Meetings & Conference, Leisure and sports. Our hospitality professionals design plans customized to individual client needs to create lasting memories.

Products & Services ■Destination Management of Japan ■Sports Travel ■MICE

Taito,Sumida,Koto is the area of where the world’s tallest tower " TOKYO SKYTREE®" stands, and the town where the tradition of Shitamachi hospitality lives.
There are so many wonderful, fascinating things in Taito,Sumida,Koto that you cannot find anywhere else.
The staff from downtown will give you wonderful information.

Products & Services ■Tourism promotion

"Traditional craft × Life & Fashion"
Yamanaka Lacquerware, is a traditional craft that has been
around since the Azuchi-Momoyama Period (1573-1603) in Japan.
Inheriting traditional techniques we pass down convetional skills to the next generation of
craftsman to create products that fit todays lifestyles.

Products & Services ■"YAMANAKANURI" Stainless Steel Bottles

Event Services is a full service event production company. We are a one-stop event service company - from event production to arrange entertainment, audio, lighting, visual equipment rental, game, decoration rental. Themed events and incentive group events are our top specialty. In addition, we create meetings, GALA dinners, award ceremonies, spouse programs, and team building programs.

Products & Services ■Popular Japanese decorations, games for Japanese Themed event/party

Field Of Dreams is a collaborative project between United Will and TokudAw for foreigners living in Japan. United Will provides employment, food and housing support for foreigners with financial difficulties. TokudAw provides tailor-made travel plans and arrangements, consulting services for foreigners living in Japan and support for Japanese brands expanding overseas.

Products & Services ■Field of Dreams ■Assistance in preparing business plans for non-Japanese ■Japan Heritage Samurai Silk Mask

Fukui Prefecture, a hidden gem located along the coast of the Sea of Japan right between Kanazawa and Kyoto, is full of fun and surprising discoveries: the head temple of Zen Buddhism in the country, Eiheiji; centuries-old traditional crafts such as knives, ‘washi’ paper and lacquerware; as well as seafood ― including the Echizen Gani snow crab, the king of winter delights ― so fine it’s even sent to the imperial family every year as an offering! And did you know that Fukui is also home to one of the world’s largest dinosaur museums? Now that’s a trip you’ll never forget!

Products & Services ■Travel & MICE information ■Enjoy taking dinosaur photo

We are a soup stock maker founded 68 years ago.
The basic base of Japanese food is "DASHI". The soup stock enhances the ingredients of the dish and brings depth to the taste. We have continued to make soup stock for professional cooks such as hotels and restaurants all over Japan. We have our own research and development facility, pursue deliciousness, manage product safety and quality based on scientific data, and provide the best quality products with confidence. We also provide a small size soup stock so that it is easy to use at home. We hope that our products will help you make delicious dishes.

Products & Services ■UMAMI Dashi Bonito and Kelp ■UMAMI Dashi Veggies ■UMAMI Journey (8 flavors)

Introducing inns, hot springs, and sightseeing information of Gero Onsen, which is known as one of Japan's three famous hot springs and is also a hot spring for beauty, and Hida Kosaka Onsenkyo, which is designated as a national recreation hot spring area.

Products & Services ■Tourism service information

In order to promote tourism and attract conventions to Gifu City, we are engaged in promoting Gifu City's tourism resources and supporting the holding of conventions.

Products & Services ■Introduction of tourism information and support for holding conventions in Gifu City

With ''Making Your Stay in Japan Great'' as its vision, GTN is a comprehensive supporting company for foreigners in Japan. It offers a wide variety of unique services such as rent guarantor, real estate agency, lifestyle support, employment support, cell phones, and credit card services specially made for foreigners. With about 70% of its staff being foreigners from about 20 countries, the company supports foreigners living in Japan with knowledge and understanding of language and cultural differences.

Products & Services ■GTN Assistants for Biz ■GTN REAL ESTATE ■GTN Mobile

GoConnect is an award-winning, English-language digital marketplace that features great offers and premium experiences for the global-minded community in Japan. GoConnect is a unique hub for businesses—our Partners—to connect with our community of Members, allowing them to discover products and services that enrich their lives in Japan.

Products & Services ■Great Offers and Experiences

We are the foreign community’s No. 1 resource for finding apartments, jobs, schools and information one living your best life in Japan.

Products & Services ■Advertising & Marketing ■Employment & Recruiting ■Housing & Real Estate

Hakuba Hotel Group is comprised of a young and dynamic international team offering the largest portfolio of boutique hotels and luxury chalets in prime locations throughout the Hakuba valley. With quality designs, stylish rooms, great facilities, and a dedicated concierge at your service, we ensure your stay with us is the ultimate retreat.
Hakuba Hotel Group was founded in 2012, and the partnership quickly expanded to include multiple properties and property management services. Now Hakuba Hotel Group has grown to include 10 hotels, over 50 chalets, and 200 staff member from multiple continents.

Products & Services ■Boutique Hotels ■Chalets & Property Management ■Restaurants & Bars

Hakuba Village's history as one of Japan's foremost international mountain resort dates back more than 100 years ago. Ever since the British mountaineer Walter Weston first visited Hakuba in 1894, It became a must-go for any mountain lover. The ski culture became popular in the Hakuba Mountain during the Taisho era(1912~1926), and the first lift was hung in 1952. Hakuba Village spreads out in the foot of the Japan Alps. The people of Hakuba who are proud of their beautiful scenery have been continuing to welcome visitors into a world of fascinating nature.

Products & Services ■Ski, Snowboard, Winter Activities, Summer Activities, Mountainerring, Treking

Hinodeya Seika is souvenir sweets company founded at Mie in 1957.we produces various sweets in a motto by innovation with a
tradition every day.In late years we produce a web shop using 3D system or package using AR.We want to produce the product that you can be pleased with all of you of the whole country in future.

Products & Services ■Yunohana Senbei

Hinomaru Limousine Group is a transportation service company based in Tokyo, Japan.
We provide chauffeur services, cabs, scheduled sightseeing buses, chartered buses, vehicle operation management, and other services, and we are always challenging to innovate in transportation services.

Products & Services ■Chauffeur Service ■Chartered sightseeing bus,Skybus and Skyduck,Free shuttle bus ■HOP-ON HOP-OFF SIGHTSEEING BUS

Hisada Art Industry is a hair salon and barber shop with eight private rooms located in Kyoto, Japan. We are hair conditioning experts and tailor our services for each customer. Our customers are widespread among men and women, old and young. Our mission is to bring out your true nature and beauty. Although our hair styling treatments may be more expensive than today’s average, our clients are always happy to pay a higher price as the experience in our salon brings them pleasure both during and more importantly, after their visit. We believe a sustainable hairstyle with beauty and comfort can be achieved when the best hair condition meets the best hair design.

Products & Services ■COLLECTION 1899 KYOTO

The Shirakami Mountains are a forest of biodiversity. It is a natural school where modern people who are accustomed to consumer life can experience the importance of forests by learning how to hunt and live matagi that have coexisted with nature, the mechanism of forest protection forests, and forest maintenance work. .. You can continue by learning the awe of the forest that people cannot live without nature, experiencing the culture of the Shirakami Mountains from trekking, matagi hunting and living, and eating the food of Shirakami Satoyama. We offer classes that return to the ideal state of society. In addition, Ajigasawa Town is a town map depicting the appearance of Ajigasawa Minato, which was the central port of the Tsugaru clan. In addition to the feudal lord's Okariya (machi-bugyosho), Minatobansho, Yonezo, Funakura and other feudal facilities, temples and shrines, the landlord's name is written for each person.

Products & Services ■Pamphlet of Ajigasawa Town ■Poster of autumn leaves in Shirakami Mountains ■Exhibition of Shirakami aroma products and Shirakami water

Ivy Prep International School offers high-quality education catered to GIFTED and TALENTED students of Preschool and Primary School age groups, which aims to best prepare students for the most rigorous higher education standards required by the top boarding Schools and Universities.

Products & Services ■Nursery, International Pre-K, and Kindergarten (6months-3years, and 3-6 years old) - Minamiazabu Campus ■STEAM Lab (6-14 years old) - Shirokane Campus

We are "Izu Peninsula Tourist Bureau", a Destination Management Organazation for promoting Izu Peninsula's tourism.
Izu Peninsula locates in the eastern part of Shizuoka prefecture, and it takes just 45 minutes by Shinkansen bullet train from Tokyo station.
For lovers of adventurous tourism, our tremendous dive sites and scenic cycling tracks will surely present you great remembrance.
Number of beautiful beaches, variety of unique coastal landscapes and lots of majestic mountains offer you a great experience and outstanding sceneries.
We all anticipate meeting you at our booth.

Products & Services ■Day-tour in the Izu Peninsula ■Travel information on the Izu Peninsula

JAT Inc. began by introducing abroad foods traditionally used as offerings to Shinto deities such as rice, salt, water, and seafood. Today, JAT Inc. has continued its mission by spreading Japanese gastronomic culture throughout the world. With the brand 供TOMO , JAT Inc. aims to convey the culture of Japanese offerings.

Products & Services ■供TOMO Café Genshin ■供TOMO Chocolats Café Genshin ■供TOMO Seven Lucky Gods shaped Wasanbon treats

Japanese E-Learning apps, Japanese Language School, Recruitment Agency.

Products & Services ■JSL MeTHOD

Samurai performance, fighting scene choreography, “KENGIDO”dojo school operation, Open workshop

Products & Services ■Samurai Artist KAMUI "Samurai Still Exist 2021"

Kagura Feast Corporation presented the KAGURA dispenser at the Tokyo International Gift Show in September 2018, winning the Grand Prize in the Kitchen & Dining Goods Contest. The second edition, the KAGURA decanter was presented in Monaco in December 2020, winning the Best Press and Best Concept awards at the Tokyo International Gift Show in February 2021, the iF DESIGN AWARD 2021 in May of the same year, and the OMOTENASHI selection 2021 in June. We will offer a sustainable lifestyle to potential consumers who have previously been hesitant to purchase a bottle of wine.

Products & Services ■New decanter for oxide control

Kakurinbo Temple Beer is the brainchild of Kakurinbo, a temple in Minobusan, the home of Nichiren Shu Buddhism. Nichiren Shu is now 800 years old and this year marks the 600th anniversary of the founding of Kuonji, the sect’s head temple. The original Kakurinbo Temple Beer has been created as a way of bringing life back to our temple town, which has lost much of its energy due to the pandemic.

Products & Services ■Wedding Kimono Experience ■Shakyo Sutra Copying

Katashina Village, located in the northeastern part of Gunma Prefecture and surrounded by 100 famous mountains in Japan, is a small village that is the gateway to Oze National Park, which has the largest high moor in Japan.
The temperature difference between day and night is large, and you can harvest fresh, sweet and high-sugar highland vegetables that take advantage of the climate.
It is designated as a special heavy snowfall area, and in winter, it gets a smooth powder snow, and the area becomes a silver world.
There are five ski resorts in the village that take advantage of the terrain.
You can fully enjoy spring flowers, cool summer, beautiful autumn leaves, beautiful snow scenes, four seasons and nature.

Products & Services ■Gunma Prefecture Katashina Village Tourist Information "Whole Katashina"

We are a local travel agent at Kiso-Ontake area to spread the charm of untouched Kiso valley.

Products & Services ■Nakasendo walking tour ■Kiso Ontake Natto

Dealing contemporary art in Tokyo since 1998.

Products & Services ■Contemporary artworks

Kitakyushu in Fukuoka prefecture has numerous must-see spots: Kokura Castle, established in 1602; Kawachi Wisteria Garden, chosen as one of "Japan's 31 Most Beautiful Places" by CNN America; Hiraodai, one of Japan's three major karst formations; Mojiko along the Kanmon Strait; and Mt. Sarakura, with panoramic 200 degree-plus night views.
Surrounded by water on three sides, Kitakyushu serves a wide selection of seafood such as oysters, pufferfish, and crabs. People come from around the world just to sample sushi called "Kyushu-mae" that can only be tasted in Kitakyushu.

Products & Services ■Tourism infomation ■Information on incentive travel to Kitakyushu City

“Waste is eliminated by effective designing.”
This is what KNIToDay’s designer Chiyuki Asano cherishes.
It is also the common philosophy through all the brands developed by Asano Chiyuki.
Suggestion from Chiyuki Asano
Chiyuki Asano, a designer, has been skeptical about this kind of industry since she was in her twenties, and has emphasized the concept of “sustainable fashion” since Jiyu-Jisai Co., Ltd was founded.
The sustainability of the company has been expressed through “the designs that eliminate waste” for a long time while haute couture (made-to-order) is performed , but in response to the customer requests, the ready-to-wear brand “KNIToDay” has been developed.
Development of attractive products that will be enjoyed for a long time
Minimum required number of models
Coexistence with other brands
We believe that with the above-mentioned focuses this brand will become one solution to the challenges of the industry.

Products & Services ■Washable Knit Lace Dress ■Washable Knit Lace Dress. Special discount

My work ranges from corporate portraits and business headshots, business branding photography for startups and SMEs, product photography, and events including conferences, awards dinners and shows, exhibitions, PR events and launches. Based in Tokyo, I work mainly in Tokyo but I also travel throughout Japan. I enjoy working with a variety of clients and I’m chosen for my creativity and professionalism. My promise is that I deliver quality photos at affordable prices and I enjoy working across a range of briefs, producing great photography to help clients frame their business and tell their story.
Fluent English, French, Russian speaker.

Products & Services ■Business headshots ■Business branding photography for startups and SMEs, product photography. ■Events Photography

Kurashu is based on two ideas we find that the sake industry desperately needs. First, a better way to find and select sake that people will love. Second, a deeper connection to, and support of, the myriad of small breweries around Japan.

Sake is a complex world and is difficult to navigate. The way taste is currently described doesn’t really help much in selecting sake and the industry knows it. We’re here to change that! Our webshop www.kurashu.jp is designed to make sure to recommend our customers only sake that they will love.

Products & Services ■Kurashu.jp Sake Webshop ■Sake Export ■Sake Tourism & Experiences

Japan Partnership Holdings Inc. is a marketing and multimedia communications company dedicated to creating business partnerships between Japan and the world. Through partnerships, we help grow our business while servicing companies and individuals looking to expand theirs by promoting their products and services in Japan. We publish Japan's No 1 English magazine, Metropolis and provide a range of marketing and multimedia services.

Products & Services ■Marketing & Multimedia

We push for sightseeing and city promotion in Minato City.

Products & Services ■Brochures for sightseeing in Minato City ■Paper VR headsets

Minato International Association (MIA) is an organization that strives to achieve a harmonious multicultural society through various events. The activities are conducted by volunteer members as the power base.
More than 80 foreign embassies and business offices locate themselves in Minato City. As there are many foreign residents in our city, the MIA organizes a wide range of international exchange activities and support programs for them.

Products & Services ■Free consultation service for foreigners

On the history of the trust, a history called the possibility to the future is engraved.

Our company process natural paint called Uruhshi, which is obtained from the sap of the lacquer trees, and sell them.
Urushi, the lacquer is excavated from the remains of 9,000 years ago.
Lacquering(Urushi nuri) is a Japanese representative folk craft from ancient times.

Now, the most of lacquer are produced in Japan and China.

The lacquer is used for Buddhist altar fittings, lacquerwares and old cultural assets.
We sell more than 40% of lacquer used in Japan.

We are thinking that we want to make Japan wealthy with lacquer in future.

Products & Services ■Kintsugi set

We are the DMO of Nagano Prefecture, a mountain resort region in roughly the center of Japan.
You can enjoy bountiful nature year-round, surrounded by the 3,000-meter-high mountains of the Japanese Alps!
Winter is especially beautiful, and you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding throughout.

Products & Services ■ The Latest Tourism Information on Nagano Prefecture

Niigata City is blessed with plentiful resources from the Sea of Japan and fertile soil nurtured by two large rivers, the Shinano River and the Agano River. In addition, Niigata has prospered since long ago as a port town that is a base for east-west trade, and the port town culture still exists.
Sado Island is the largest island located along the Sea of Japan. The climate is oceanic with distinct changes across the four seasons, blessing the island with fertile soil and good climate appropriate for its main industries of agriculture and fishing. Recognized as a Japanese Geopark for its beautiful nature and diverse ecosystem, Sado Island is often referred to as a miniature Japan due to its mix of aristocrats, samurais, and townspeople meld into one creating a unique culture.

Products & Services ■Information on tourism in Niigata City and Sado City

Numata City in Gunma Prefecture is only about a 90-minute drive from Tokyo.
Numata City's main attraction is its rich nature. Numata City has four distinct seasons, and there are many ways to enjoy each season. In addition to "Fukiware Falls", where you can feel the beautiful scenery and the wildness of the spray, and "Tambara Kogen", the nearest beech forest to Tokyo, ski resorts, golf courses, and high-quality hot springs are also attractive.
Numata is also a well-known fruit kingdom where you can enjoy fruit picking all year round. Vegetables and fruits grown in Numata City, where there is a large difference in temperature, have a much different sweetness. There are many tourist farms where you can pick cherries, blueberries, grapes, apples, strawberries, etc. and enjoy the freshly picked taste.

Products & Services ■Product Fair ■Tourist Information

As the pioneer of serviced apartments with over 50 years of hospitality expertise, Oakwood dedicates itself to continuous innovation and evolution with a guest-first approach. With an award-winning portfolio of properties across the globe, Oakwood caters to business and leisure travelers alike with short to long stay requirements.

Select from our portfolio of products, each designed to provide a distinct level of service and quality that caters to different lifestyles.

Products & Services ■Serviced Apartments and Hotel

The Odakyu Group, led by Odakyu Electric Railway engages in transportation, hotel, travel agency and other services mainly in Shinjuku, Hakone, Enoshima and Kamakura.

Products & Services ■Discount Passes, Hotels and Travel package tours.

CORINO2.9-1.0 designs leather accessory BAG and interior products, and produces textile graphics. We continue to design and produce brand-new, universal items that are familiar to everyone's lives, in connection with manufacturers and craftsmen in various regions. CORINO2.9-1.0 is a private brand of OFFICE OTAKA

Products & Services ■TPH 《Tissue Paper Holder》 ■TPH STEEL ■TPH CYPRESS

"OMAKASE HELPER" provides assistance services through translation and interpretation for foreign residents in Japan. Many people encounter situations where the Japanese language barrier remains a bottleneck in administrative procedures, moving, changing jobs, and finding daycare, causing stress in their lives. Through our services, we not only solve problems associated with the Japanese language, but also provide extra information and local knowledge to make the daily lives of foreign residents in Japan more enjoyable and enriching.

Products & Services ■Document completion service ■Translation services ■Japanese schooling support

OMOTENASHI Selection is an award for a collection of products and services that reflect the spirit of Japanese hospitality. We started this award to share these amazing products with the rest of the world. From global perspectives, each product is judged by international residents living in Japan. OMOTENASHI Selection will continue to promote the Omotenashi culture of Japan-made products and services, as well as bring those products closer to international consumers and help manufacturing companies seeking to make the international market.

Products & Services ■OMOTENASHI Selection Award-winning Products

Oyraa is a global online platform of interpreters/translators for REMOTE interpreting. We have 1,500+ interpreters online who are ready to help and jump on a call. On our app, any user can call an interpreter/translator whenever they need. Two types of services available:
・3-way calls: You can call any number in the world (landline or mobile phone), with an interpreter in the call. The interpreter will communicate on behalf of you and help you solve your problem. The calls are 100% Free - you will pay only the interpreting fee.
・Direct calls: When the person you want tot communicate with is next to you, you can call an interpreter, put her/him on speakers and let him facilitate the conversation!

Products & Services ■Oyraa - Remote interpreters on call

General Worker Dispatching Undertaking. Fee-charging employment placement.
Providing concierge services for upper class visitors from all around the world.
Accepting specified skilled worker.

Products & Services ■Concierge Services for Foreigners ■Accepting specified skilled worker ■Job placement support for foreign workers

PLAZA HOMES is a real estate agency that accommodates a wide range of living needs such as renting / buying / selling properties, and supporting foreign residents. We have been providing real estate services since 1969 and will continue to deliver high quality properties to clients from all over the world.
We offer information on apartments and houses for rent, properties for sale and living information in Tokyo.

Products & Services ■Real estate. Rent / Buy & Sell

There are many other women who work away from their young children or sick family members, who are unable to do the housework, who are somewhat heartbroken but still positively working for the future.
And with a strong passion to support women, I founded the Japan Association of Female Executives (JAFE) in 1985 and started Poppins in 1987.
Since then, we have been facing customers to provide the best possible experience. We have broken through a number of rock-bottom regulations to create new values.
Poppins has grown to become an original company, unlike any other in the world, with ideas and a commitment to quality that were never possible in the childcare industry.
We will continue to be a leading company in childcare and nursing care support for working women.

Operation business: Babysitter (nanny service), long-term care service.
※Our group companies are engaged in nursery school management and other businesses.

Products & Services ■Poppins Nanny Service ■Poppins Elderly Care / VIP Care service

We are developing activities so that the Shamisen becomes close to your life regardless of the music genre.Our motto is to play Shamisen more enjoyable and relaxed.
The Shamisen, the Japanese traditional music instrument, has the power to connect people across countries and races.
From the bottom of my heart, I wish Shamisen would spread harmony between you and other people.
Shamisen fans are our family.
Shamisen lovers are Shamily.
We are shamily!

Shami1000rakuya official website
Sale of many goods related to Shamisen and Kokyu Chinese fiddle.

Products & Services ■Shamisen Box(SHABO!) ■MORINO KOKYU 〜Forest Kokyu〜

We are an advertising agency specializing in marketing and promotion of Japan visits with a focus on Southeast Asia. We provide a wide range of support for visitors to Japan, mainly in Thailand and Indonesia, but also in other Southeast Asian markets. With local branches in Bangkok and Jakarta, we provide a wide range of services such as local rep work for local governments, support for exhibitions and events, production of multilingual brochures, local advertising, management of multilingual SNS, invitation business for local travel agencies and media, and support for business meetings. In light of the recent social situation, we are now actively conducting seminars overseas using the Internet. In addition, we have started recruiting and supporting foreign human resources, especially those with specific skills, based on their past experience.

Products & Services ■Total support for inbound promotion ■Recruitment and support services for foreign human resources (mainly Philippines & Indonesia) ■Travel arrangements, Wi-fi, Sales of disenfectant goods (TIJ Inc.)

Right-Ear develops and manufactures speakers with its own unique technology: the WDSS method is a speaker driver with low distortion in which the entire diaphragm is driven to directly generate sound waves, resulting in speakers with clear and clean sound. We also plan, develop, manufacture and sell our own products that take advantage of the advantages of this technology.

Products & Services ■Pillowspeaker PS-21-E

“One Time Precious Sake Experience starting from ICHID°.”
In May 2020, a Premium Sake Brand ICHID° was born.
The new brand ICHID° is designed for broader customers around the globe with our wish to tell the true value of Sake to the people who haven’t know it. A sales professional of a luxury Champagne brand and a traditional Japanese Sake brewer worked together with a common desire to extract new potential of Japanese Sake a to achieve not only a delicate and smooth taste but also a clean aftertaste to match to various kinds of dishes, by continuing tasting surveys with over hundreds of people from more than 60 countries. It must be great to have a toast at a dinner with friends and to pair with home cooking dishes together with your family. The taste is simple and refreshing that makes you easy to drink even for those who didn’t rarely drink Japanese Sake.

Products & Services ■ICHIDO Sparkling SAKE ■ICHIDO Sparkling ROSE ■ICHIDO Junmai Daiginjo

We are engaged in tourism business at “Ikaho Onsen” located in Shibukawa City, Gunma Prefecture.
And we also provide tourist information and recommend places to stay for travelers.

Products & Services ■Travel brochures

Shiga is located almost in the center of Japan.
At the center of Shiga rests Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan and which accounts for no less than a sixth of the prefecture's total size. The lake is also surrounded by verdant mountains, providing the blessings of both water and greenery.
Lake Biwa is said to have four million years of history, and the tranquil scenery that comprises the lake and its environs allows visitors to enjoy everything that each brilliant season has to offer.

Products & Services ■Biwaichi Cycling ■Omi Beef ■Tourist Information

Shimane is a place for the adventure seekers, for the repeaters, for the people looking for a new place to discover. Located in the Chugoku Region of Japan, Shimane is surrounded by natural beauty, and is home to some of Japan's most prominent ancient culture and traditional arts.
To give you an idea, Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine is one of the oldest and most famous shrines in Japan. And Matsue Castle which is designated as a National Treasure.
Whether you want to explore through history at the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, or enjoy nature at a UNESCO Global Geopark, Shimane has got you covered.

Products & Services ■Tourism Information

Our company is specialized in recruitment service and introducing Japanese traditional craftsmanship to the world. Since our foundation in 2005, we have been providing Employment Support Services for highly skilled foreigners to find an employment opportunity in Japan. Currently we have more than ten thousand registered foreigners in our “Japan Career” system.
In addition, we are promoting our service branded "Washoku", that introduces Japanese traditional craftsmanship, and also referring interested people to acclaimed artisans.

Products & Services ■“Etena /Masu-jiro” tableware ■Kato Lacquerware Accessories ■Akizakura revival accessories

Next to Japanese whiskey, Japanese wine is the most famous in the world. We make red wine (Muscat Bailey A) and white wine (Koshu) only for Japan.
“Dry in the moonlight” Vineyards that don't rain. There is a vineyard on the windy road between Mt. Yatsugatake and Mt. Fuji.

Products & Services ■ Red wine (Muscat Bailey A) ■White wine (Koshu)

Our headquarters is in Tokyo, and 5 years ago we setup our operational base in Joetsu, Niigata and started the Yukisato project.
"Yukisato Base" is our base for activities running snowmobile tours in the winter through nearly 400 hectares of vast forest land.
"Yukisato Lodge" our newly renovated lodge where you can experience the four seasons of the snow country.
We aim to be a lifestyle business that connects the Japanese countryside with the world. Currently renewing a bakery café that uses Niigata made rice to make rice flour bread.
We also run Consulting Services and Brand marketing focusing on PR, marketing, and web design etc. , as well as running a snowboard web media.

Products & Services ■YUKIBANCHO SNOWMOBILE TOURS ■YUKISATO Lodge ■Café and Bakery Patrashe

We are a comprehensive real estate company of the Sumitomo Group with a history of 400 years, who are developing a variety of businesses such as office buildings, condominiums, custom-built houses, real estate brokerage, luxury rental apartments, hotels, and commercial facilities, mainly in Tokyo.
We will continue to promote sustainable urban development by creating attractive urban spaces that are resilient to disasters and are friendly to people and the environment.

Products & Services ■Luxury rental apartments ■Hotel Management

Suruga Region, home to Mt. Fuji and Suruga Bay, the tallest mountain and deepest waters in Japan lends itself to a region known for its boundless green tea fields, vast array of seafood and ocean activities, as well as the history and people that connect it all. Located only one hour away via the Shinkansen from Tokyo, come to Suruga to get away from the bustling city, interact with the local culture, and find your perfect cup of tea.

Products & Services ■Tea Tourism Desk

Taito City is home to three of the most famous old downtown “shitamachi” neighborhoods in Tokyo; Asakusa, Ueno, and Yanaka, where still preserve the old town atmosphere. Rich historical and cultural charms as temples, shrines, craftsmanship can be discovered here and being Tokyo’s shitamachi, Taito City retains the feeling of retro. Visiting shopping streets lined with traditional and specialty shops, Japanese traditional food restaurants, and local festivals is another way to explore Taito City and to experience Japanese culture. Come and discover Taito City.

Products & Services ■Taito Ward Tourist Information   ■Experience Japanese culture  ■Traditional handcrafts

We have been engaged in the sale of chemicals and laboratory equipment since 1948. We were founded with the goal of contributing to the development of science and technology.
In the year 2000, we began developing antibacterial and anti-mold sheets. After eight years of development, we successfully developed the “Nioitori” sheets as a saleable product.

Products & Services ■Nioitori- Versatile Type ■Nioitori- for Shoes and Boots ■Nioitori- for Washing Machine

Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) is the oldest and largest foreign university in Japan. Founded in 1982, TUJ has developed into a nationally recognized institution offering an extensive range of educational programs. In addition to its undergraduate programs, TUJ offers graduate programs in law, business, and education; an English-language preparation program; continuing education courses; and corporate education services.

Products & Services ■Professional development and personal interest courses (Continuing Education) ■Graduate degree programs ■Employee training programs (Corporate Education)

Established in 1990,Myutehch 35 has been an important company in the metal manufacturing industry with the mission of "Solution to the change of Japan".We have been providing service from completing prototypes of defferent industries to mass production in the past 30 years. For us ,our main business is "Quickly and Accurately shaping what custmers have designed. Second is "Provide suggestions for metal material choice, weighting method,
and designing solutions" for our designers and developers. On the base of our experienced metal manufacturing and strong proposal methods,we created"Forever Blooming Flower"in2015. Which is the brand of Myutech35 Inc.,[THE BLOSSO]. With the combination of deeply trained and experienced"people"and the unforgettable spirit of metal manufacturing industry"latest technology methods",the new costume jewelry brand [THE BLOSSO"is now catching many attentions..

Products & Services ■  New Costume Jewelry 「THE BLOSSO」

The Japan Times provides authoritative journalism under the core values of independence and fairness, striving to give readers the big picture on the news in Japan, Asia and the world. Widely respected as the nation’s premier go-to news source on Japan, we provide both the local angle and a global perspective. Our legacy dates back to 1897, with readers now accessing our world-class journalism via newspaper, digital, podcast and newsletter form.

Products & Services ■The Japan Times/ The New York Times Weekend Edition ■The Japan Times Media Solution Service

Our company has results in the Japanese pattern fabric industry for nearly 70 years. Right after it, we started producing Japanese designed Kimono, etc. to be used for daily life.
Since then, we offer you not only Japanese tasted clothes but also many varieties of accent products.

Products & Services ■Kimono, Happi, T-shirt, and traditional crafts

TCJ is a major Japanese language school with 33 years of history. The school also has a large training institute for Japanese language teachers, all of whom are professionals and provide high quality lessons. Students come from more than 20 different countries at any given time, making it an international environment.

Products & Services ■Japanese Language Courses for residents of Japan  ■Japanese Lessons For Residents in Japan course

The Fukagawa Geisha district with it’s nearly 400 year history is Japan’s oldest geisha district, and the site where the first female geisha appeared. It was revived six years ago with a new generation of younger geisha learning from the original Fukagawa Geisha. Fukagawa Geisha do banquets in Monzennakacho, and many activities for foreign tourists. They also travel all over the world to introduce geisha culture abroad. At the Fukagawa Geisha booth you will be able to meet the young Fukagawa geisha and hangyoku (maiko), talk to the geisha up close, watch a performance, and take photos with the geisha. Look forward to seeing you at our booth!

Products & Services ■Geisha Bar

Tokyo International Progressive School is a small international school in Futako-Tamagawa that specializes in learning differences and learning support. Our staff includes a number of specialists for reading, counseling, social and emotional learning, speech therapy and occupational therapy. Eighty percent of our students are in our diploma-seeking, college-bound program. Our graduates have successfully applied to English-speaking universities in North America, Australia, and Japan. Our international staff represents Australia, the United States, Canada, Italy, Ireland, Denmark, and the Philippines. We invite you to tour our facility.

Products & Services ■The Difference is Our Support ■W-I-N is "What I Need" ■Clubs and Athletics

Established in 1970, Tokyo Weekender is the longest-running English language lifestyle magazine and website in Japan. As a major source of reliable information about living in or visiting Tokyo, TW has gained the support and trust of the foreign resident community as well as of tourists visiting Japan.

Covering lifestyle topics ranging from food, travel, shopping, art and culture, and events, TW shares information by means of compelling articles and stunning visuals. The magazine is available for pick-up at 300 locations, including embassies, airports, restaurants, bookstores and more.

Products & Services ■Print & Digital Media

Tokyo-Expat.com digital platform simplifies your research for accommodations in Tokyo. We help Multinational Companies find the perfect housing plan for their Executives during their assignment in the Japanese capital by connecting them directly to Real Estate Partners.
Tokyo-Expat.com is edited by HAYE TECH, a Digital Project Management company based in Japan and France.

Products & Services ■TOKYO-EXPAT.COM

Welcome to Shizuoka Prefecture where you can enjoy off-the beaten path Mt Fuji experiences. Just a short bullet train ride from Tokyo, Shizuoka is a great getaway for outdoor experiences. Mysterious mountains and forests backdrop a sparkling Pacific Ocean. Enjoy green tea farms in Japan’s top producing region, immerse yourself in numerous natural hot springs. Take in the history and culture of this key region of Japan.

Products & Services ■Explore Shizuoka /Mount Fuji Travel

Unique knife stores that specializes in Japan-made kitchen knives for professional use and home cooking. With store locations in Osaka and Tokyo, our wide selection of knives and sharpening stones come crafted from various areas throughout Japan.

Products & Services ■Japan-made kitchen knives

We are a trading company specializing in corporate uniforms, aiming to be the No. 1 company in the industry and the No. 1 company in the region that has continued for 100 years.

Products & Services ■Paper Accessories AIGRA

Waho-An Nature Tokyo provides a facility where you can receive traditional Japanese medical services in English. We are the only facility in Japan that can support both the outer and inner health of our clients through traditional Japanese medicine:
Outer health through massage such as shiatsu, and
Inner health through Japanese herbal tea (Wa-herb tea). More than 2500 overseas guests visit our facilities annually.

Products & Services ■Shiatsu massage with a special price experience ■Tasting and sale of Japanese herbal tea

We offer tourism information about Yamanouchi town which is part of Joshin’etsu-kogen National park and Shiga Highland Biosphere Reserve. You can experience the magnificent nature in our famous snow resorts of Shiga Kogen and Kita-Shiga Kogen, the hot springs of Yudanaka & Shibu Onsen Resort, and Snow Monkey Park where you can see wild monkeys bathe in the hot springs.

Products & Services ■Yamanouchi Town tourism info

YiEM INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. provides assistance getting products and services that satisfy customers into their hands.
Going beyond business categories and sectors and national and regional borders to coordinate the union of markers and sellers in our main line of work.

Products & Services ■SAKURA SAKURI〜Matcha cream Gaufrette using brown rice flour with calcium〜

YOLO JAPAN's goal is to "create a society where both Japanese people and foreigners can coexist."
For various reasons, such as study and work, foreigners are choosing to come and make a life in Japan.
Because of the influx of foreigners,
many Japanese companies can solve their labor shoratge issues while simultaneously making an effort to globalize.
This means that the more prosperous the lives of foreigners living in Japan become, the more prosperous Japan becomes.
We at YOLO JAPAN offer a variety of services for the happiness of both foreigners and Japanese people alike.

Products & Services ■YOLO WORK ■YOLO LIFE ■YOLO CARD

Our company is a sake brewery founded in 1877.Until now, Kura has never considered overseas expansion, but when the representative changed four years ago, he developed products for overseas while appealing for consistent production from the same sake rice production as wine. London,Paris,Hong Kong,Beijing Los Angeles,etc. Two years ago, he energetically visited the site and exhibited at exhibitions, etc. As a result, it is currently the only Japanese sake brewery to be selected as a branding promotion project by the National Tax Agency. As part of this, the sake is aged 1,000 meters below ground, where the two Nobel Prize-winning neutrino research facilities are located.

Products & Services ■Kisaki white50 ■Kisaki black50 ■Kisaki black28


Products & Services ■Smartphone case made of TATAMI